The MPNA Green Team

The goal of the MPNA Green Team is to engage residents to create a sense of community and encourage neighbor camaraderie and commitment to a cleaner neighborhood and improved green spaces.

Our ongoing project will be maintenance of the eight cap gardens in our neighborhood located on Southmore (@ Jackson), Crawford (@ Blodgett), two on Crawford (@ Southmore), two on Crawford (@ Binz), and two on Caroline (@ Southmore).  Monthly maintenance includes weeding, trash pickup, pruning, watering, planting, and mulching.  

Additionally, the team is doing street drain cleaning, trash pickup, and esplanade maintenance.  Other projects for consideration are assistance with yard maintenance for our senior citizens, and other needs and ideas identified from our MPNA members and Board.

The City of Houston has an Adopt a Drain program to keep storm waters flowing which coincides with our drain cleaning effort.  We hope many of our neighborhood residents will support this program and adopt a drain!

Joius!  Our Green Team co-leaders are Jill Miller and Cynthia Tang.  Please contact Cynthia if you would like to be involved in upcoming projects.  Our projects typically last one to two hours and are a great way to meet your neighbors, beautify our neighborhood, and stay fit!

"This project was one of the most gratifying things I've done in a long time. Thank you for organizing!

Constellation Community Champion

The MPNA Green Team was awarded a $450 grant in June 2018 from Constellation Energy to improve two end cap gardens in Museum Park, and another $485 grant from Constellation Energy in May 2019 for a free little library. 
Thank you Constellation for selecting us as a Community Champion!    

Green Team at Work

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