Tree Waste Day is Monday, July 15

  • July 15, 2019
  • Driveway or easement

The next Tree Waste day for Museum Park is Monday July 15. 

Place large tree waste for pickup by the City of Houston between the hours of 6:00 pm the Friday before (July 12) and 7:00 am on Monday (July 15). 

Tree Waste months are January, March, May, July, September, and November. 

What:  “Tree Waste” is defined as “clean” wood waste such as tree limbs, branches, and stumps.  Lumber, furniture, and treated wood will NOT be accepted.  

Where:   Place tree waste adjacent to the front curb in a location easily accessible to the collection vehicle. It must be placed on property, i.e., driveway, easement, to be picked up.  

How:  Tree waste is picked up by a large collection vehicle.  There must be clearance above the pickup location for this machine. Tree Waste should not be stacked under low overhead electrical wires or other cabling, signs, or mailboxes; next to fences or posts; or on top of water meters, gas meters, fire hydrants, or other exposed utility components.  If it is, it may not be picked up.

PLEASE do not place tree waste in the street, on the esplanade, on the sidewalk, or other right-of-way – it will not be picked up!  Also, do not place Junk Waste for collection during a Tree Waste month.  

Note that tree waste (and junk waste) collection is limited to occupied residential units and vacant residential lots only if the waste generated is in connection with the maintenance of the property.  Any waste produced by a contractor must be removed by the contractor. 

For more information, see the Green Team webpage.  

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