To Keep You Informed, May 1 Meeting, 2019

May 25, 2019 12:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
To Keep You Informed - May 1, 2019 Meeting

Sgt. Eric Flores, South Central Division HPD

  • Introduced two new DRT officers (Differential Response Team*), Officer LeeVan Lewis and Officer Andrew Valadez.  An additional DRT officer will join the team next week, bringing the total number of DRT officers working out of the South Central Substation to seven, up from the previous four.
  • Officer Lewis, responding to a report of illegal dumping from Pam Campbell (MPNA VP), contacted the owner of the property at Caroline @ Barbee.  Within a week the property was cleaned-up and the owner will be installing fencing in the near future.
  • Members of the DRT team were working a 2:00 p.m.-2:00 a. m. shift on Wednesday (May 1) evening specifically to conduct inspections in EADO (East of Downtown) and address parking issues in Museum Park.
Sgt. Flores reported overall crime in Museum Park was down 48% over the same period in 2018.
  • Important to report package theft through HPD’s non-emergency number, 713-884-3131 or file an online police report.  Include complete information in the summary report with ‘ring’ doorbell video if possible.
  • Safety brochures were made available including one regarding Nuisance Bars.

Quality of Life

Kim Mickelson, MPNA Quality of Life Chair and City of Houston Attorney, spoke regarding Community Character Standards, a part of the Museum Park Livable Centers Study.

  • Although the City of Houston has No Zoning, that does not mean No Planning.  Planning can be achieved by working with management districts and the Houston-Galveston Area Council's Livable Centers Studies.
  • Multiple topics to address neighborhood development were discussed.
    *Possible City Council Adoption of the Museum Park Livable Centers Study.
    *Minimum Lot Size designations.
    *Response to posted variance requests.
    *Monitor links on the City of Houston Planning Department website.  Check out  City of Houston's Walkable Places Committee, where Kim serves as a member.
    *Review City of Houston Chpt. 42 Ordinances, which address Subdivisions,  Developments, and Platting, and promote adoption of ordinances that empower neighborhood involvement in development.
  • Kim invited those interested in serving on the Quality of Life Committee to give their contact information as they leave the meeting.  The Quality of Life Committee will be meeting in the next few weeks to look at priorities established in the Livable Centers Study and ways to move forward.  If you are interested in joining the QoL Committee, please email

Update:  Museum Park Community Parking Program and Parking Benefit District Ordinances ON HOLD.

Sandy Stevens reported that the parking ordinances proposed for Museum Park and the Museum Area Municipal Association (MAMA) are currently on hold.

  • Parking Management received public comments on the proposed ordinances from MAMA constituents with concerns about the proposed limitation on permits available to residents of high-density residential properties.
  • In discussions with Museum Park Super Neighborhood, Parking Management indicated that ordinances might be modified to exceed the permit quantity allowance limits discussed in public meetings.
  • MPNA supported an MPSN request to delay moving the ordinances forward (applicable to MPSN and MAMA) to CoH Quality of Life Committee and City Council approval process at this time. Parking Management agreed and will be determining next steps forward.
Parking Management is currently in discussion with Houston Southeast Management District (HouSE) to establish an Almeda Corridor Parking District.  See details of the Parking Management Proposal

MPNA Donations
MPNA Board has authorized two recent donations.  Pam Campbell purchased and delivered candy to South Central Substation to support one of HPD's community outreach programs.  The Board recently provided Covenant Church a new lectern as a thank-you for their continued hospitality in hosting MPNA monthly meetings.

Green Team
Andrew Gladden reported:

  • The recent Constellation Energy Grant has been used to purchase A Little Library for the neighborhood.  The GT is finalizing details for the installation with a neighborhood property owner.
  • Members of the Green Team cleaned four storm drains April 19, allowing streets to drain more quickly during the heavy downpours Houston is likely to experience in the coming months.
  • The May Green Team project is to mulch several esplanade trees.
  • GT is finalizing the application for Houston's Department of Neighborhoods Grant.  This $5,000 matching grant would allow for installation of six additional end-cap plantings and a pilot Pocket Prairie.  The GT will present details of this plan at the June MPNA meeting.

Treasurer's Report

Members can access the Treasurer's Report on the Members Page located under the three-bar icon on the MPNA home page.

Community Engagement

  • April 20, MPNA partnered with Covenant Church to host a successful Easter Egg Hunt on the church grounds.  Joining in the excitement were children from the church as well as the neighborhood.
  • Planning has already begun for National Night Out, October 1. To volunteer for this neighbor-wide event, email

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