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  • October 06, 2023 1:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thanks to all who braved inclement weather to participate in Tuesday evening's Museum Park National Night Out. Thanks also to our partners at The Health Museum for opening their doors to the fascinating exhibits and informative presentations inside the museum.

    James Coney Island offered free hot dogs while neighbors had the opportunity to meet Khambrel Marshall, chat with HPD officers, and get to know their neighbors. As the weather cleared Wednesday evening, Museum Park neighbors got the chance to offer carrots to HPD's beautiful mounts, and create enormous bubbles with the Texas Bubbler.

    All in all, a great way to spend a rainy evening!

  • April 06, 2023 1:38 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    TXDoT's Deputy District Engineer, Varuna Singh, spoke to Museum Park neighbors at the Wednesday, April 5th meeting regarding the North Houston Highway Improvement Project.  He addressed specific topics respecting Segment 3A, which includes I69 between Spur 527 and SH288 including the depression of I69/SH59 on the north side of Museum Park. 

    Mr. Singh's presentation gives details of the upcoming project, and TXDoT's website including this video explains the scope of the project.

  • June 15, 2022 4:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    City Council Redistricting

    The City of Houston is assessing population growth within the eleven City Council Districts to make adjustments to Council boundaries based on the 2020 Census.  Public input is an important part of the process. According to, the redrawn districts will aim to:

    • Maintain relatively equal population numbers
    • Be composed of whole county voting precincts
    • Have easily identifiable geographic boundaries
    • Maintain communities of interest/neighborhoods
    • Be compact and contiguous
    • Avoid packing (diminishing voting power by calculated demographic concentration) or cracking (diminishing voting power by calculated demographic dilution)
    MPNA encourages you to learn what is taking place regarding redistricting. You may submit your own redistricting plan, or you may propose that certain voting precincts, neighborhoods, or locations be included in a specific district by July 20.  

    To provide your comments, opinions, and/or redistricting plan, email (through July 20), or attend one of the three public hearings that will be held in City Council Chambers:

    • Wednesday, July 13, 9:00 am or 7:00 pm
    • Wednesday, July 20, 9:00 am

    For more information see Frequently Asked Questions and go to Let’s Talk Houston.

    Safe Streets and Roads for All Program                    

    The Midtown Redevelopment Authority and the Goodman Corporation are currently taking public input to identify dangerous pedestrian/mobility locations. The map below shows the Midtown TIRZ (gray area) that extends into Museum Park at several critical locations including near Hermann Park and at US 59, where construction to suppress the highway will likely begin in 2023. Please use the survey tool to give your input.

    The linked presentation briefly describes the Safe Streets and Roads for All Program, project boundaries, methods, and goals. 

    Use the survey tool to help identify dangerous pedestrian/mobility locations.

    Keep the survey handy, comment often! 

    Houston Veterans Seeking Musical Instruments

    Do you have any musical instruments that your kids have outgrown or left behind? Is your clarinet gathering dust? Maybe your daughter has moved on from keyboard to flute? 

    You can help our U.S. Vets by donating your unused musical instruments and band equipment so they can learn an instrument and even start their own band! Or maybe you have a musical gift and would like to donate your spare time to teach a local vet how to play an instrument?

    Instruments needed include (but not exclusive to this list): Keyboards, Guitars, Drum sets, Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Banjos, Trumpets, Ukuleles, Oboes. Also Equipment such as: Amplifiers, Microphones, PA Systems, Speakers, and Guitar picks.

    Please drop off your instruments and/or equipment at the U.S. Vets building at 4640 Main Street in Midtown. There is a secure location for donations. Ask for Keith Mixson and he’ll make sure the donations are distributed to the vets who can play or want to learn. 

    Don’t have an instrument to donate? Check with your office/corporation and start a drive! If you’re willing to donate your time to teach a vet how to play an instrument, please contact Keith Mixson at

    Let’s honor and celebrate our vets and donate by this Independence Day, July 4, 2022!  

  • March 08, 2022 5:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Solid Waste Management

    Community Outreach Manager, Alyce Coffey, spoke at the most recent MPNA meeting on March 2 to address the specific concerns of neighborhood residents regarding trash pick-up, recycling, and heavy trash/tree waste pick-up. Important points include:

    Trash Pick-up: The priority of the Solid Waste Department is to collect the trash bins (black) in a timely fashion. Other services, such as recycle (green bins) pick-up, yard waste pick-up (placed in City of Houston-approved compostable bags) are at times delayed as personnel are reassigned to ensure that trash bins are emptied. Old equipment and personnel shortages contribute to delayed pick-up. 

    Trash Bins: Trash bins must be placed with the handle toward the residential property and with three-feet of clearance on either side of the bin to ensure that the collection truck’s automated pick-up arm can access and empty the bin. Cars parked too near the bins (less than three feet) will prevent trash from being collected.

    Citizen Responsibilities regarding trash bins: Remove bins from the street by the end of the pick-up day. Store bins so that they cannot be seen from the street.

    Recycling: Download HTX Collects (Solid Waste Management’s mobile app) for the latest list of recyclable items. Support recycling efforts:   

    • Do not place plastic bags into the recycle bin. Items placed inside plastic bags will be discarded as trash. Recycle plastic bags (including dry cleaner bags) at grocery stores.
    • Loose paper is preferred (no shredded paper) or paper placed in paper bags. 
    • Styrofoam or batteries cannot be recycled, nor can hoses, wires, clothing, wood, or scrap metal (no helium tanks). 

    Download a Solid Waste App on Google Play or the App Store: City of Houston’s HTX Collects or Rollout! Houston.

    Watch the Mail: Keep Museum Park Esplanades Clean

    MPNA will be distributing a postcard with the Heavy Trash/Heavy Tree Waste schedule. Attach the postcard to your fridge or kitchen bulletin board.  Tree Waste is picked up the third Thursday of odd numbered months.  Heavy Trash including furniture, appliances, and mattresses is picked up the third Thursday of even numbered months.

    Supporting HPD’s South Central Division

    MPNA continues their support of South Central’s community outreach program with a $100 donation for their Easter event.

    Blodgett/Cleburne Bike Lane Proposal

    The City of Houston in conjunction with Harris County Precinct 1 is developing east-west bike lanes along Blodgett/Cleburne to connect with exiting north/south bikeways and in turn complete a network across Third Ward. Give your input HERE for the final design of the project.

    MPSN Report

    The Super Neighborhood is working with Public Works to identify priority intersections based on crash data and anecdotal evidence. Council Member Caroline Evans-Shabazz has earmarked $86,000 toward traffic calming interventions in the neighborhood, which along with Southeast Management District’s matching funds, will provide the funding necessary for the solutions currently being developed by Public Works and Planning. Museum Park stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide input in the near future, likely during the second quarter 2022.

    Find more detail on this and other Super Neighborhood initiatives HERE.

    In and around Museum Park

    • March 11, Asia Society’s Tiger Ball
    • March 12-20, Spring Break
    • March 27, Kite Festival, Hermann Park
    • March 27, TLH Block Party
    • April 16, Easter Egg Hunt, Covenant Church grounds
    • May 1, Miller Outdoor Theatre, Cinco de Mayo festivities

  • November 18, 2021 12:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Please use this LINK  to access the Dr. Klineberg presentation.

  • November 18, 2021 11:06 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Special Guest Dr. Stephen Klineberg

    Dr. Stephen Klineberg, Rice University professor, nationally known demographics expert, sociologist, and Museum Park neighbor, was the special guest of the Museum Park Neighborhood Association at the November 3 meeting.

    View Presentation of Special Guest, Dr. Stephen KlinebergDr. Klineberg has been shaping local thought on the ongoing changes in the Houston metropolitan region for almost 40 years. Through his work on the “Kinder Houston Area Survey,” he has tracked the economic outlooks, demographic patterns, experiences and beliefs of local Houston residents for 40 years. His widely acclaimed book “Prophetic City: Houston on the Cusp of a Changing America” was published in 2020.

    If you were unable to attend the meeting, you can view his presentation HERE.

    Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

    Museum Park Residents within a ½ mile radius of proposed speed cushions designed to improve traffic safety recently received a written notice from the Transportation and Drainage Office regarding these installations. You will find a copy of the letter, response form, and corrected map of proposed speed cushions HERE. The initial notice indicated speed cushions would be placed on San Jacinto. However, the corrected map indicates they will instead be placed on Caroline. This correction may impact your comments.  

    You can submit written comments to Public Works till November 19 by returning the form received in the notice or by using the link HERE. Please note that the phone number in the Public Notice does not work. However, questions may be directed to Valerie Luna, CPM, Outreach Coordinator, Transportation and Drainage Operations,, 832-395-2948.

    Crime Concerns in Museum Park

    At the recent Museum Park Super Neighborhood meeting, Commander Caroleta Johnson reported crime statistics for Beat 10H70, which includes Museum Park.  The report shows a spike of 31% in Burglary of Motor Vehicles over October 2020.  Please follow the recommendations of HPD to protect yourself as much as possible from being the victim of a BMV.

    MPNA Officers Elected at November 3 Meeting

    The 2021 Officers and Standing Committee Chairs for MPNA were elected at the November meeting. They include: Sandy Stevens, President; Pam Campbell, Vice-President; Greg Quintero, Secretary; Cynthia Tang, Treasurer; Bill Powell, Parliamentarian; Louis Selig, Membership; Cindy Woods, Community Engagement; Kim Mickelson, Infrastructure and Quality of Life; Joselyn Thomas, Safety and Security. Three Museum Park residents, Kathleen O’Reilly, Sandy Stevens, and Bill Powell were elected to serve as representatives to the Museum Park Super Neighborhood Council.

    Additionally, President Sandy Stevens has appointed Cynthia Tang to serve as Website Administration Chair. Cynthia maintains our website keeping it updated and functioning smoothly. Cynthia will also continue to serve along with Jill Miller as co-chair of the Green Team Special Committee. Additional appointments include Cathy Ehlinger to work with Cindy Woods on Community Engagement and Lynn Dahlberg to assist with Membership Committee responsibilities.

    One Committee Chair position, Preservation, remains unfilled.  Please send an email to if you have interest in serving in this position or simply want to obtain additional information.

  • August 04, 2021 8:07 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Join us for our Virtual Meeting at 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, August 4

    Meeting ID: 929 1416 8286

    Passcode: 105308

    One tap mobile
    +13126266799,,92914168286#,,,,*105308# US (Chicago)

  • June 10, 2021 7:48 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Almeda Corridor Community Parking Plan (June 15 Meeting)
    Parking Management is hosting a meeting June 15 to update residents in the Almeda Corridor area, Southmore (s), Chenevert (w), Wentworth (n), 288 (e), regarding plans to improve parking issues for the residents. Restrictions including no parking after certain hours, timed limited parking, etc. are under consideration. 

    Streets that currently have Residential Permit Parking during certain hours of the day may retain their status or opt into the new CPP.

    If your street is impacted by the changes, you will be able to secure annual parking passes to use when friends or service providers are parking in front of your home. Those impacted by the Almeda Corridor CPP that have provided their email address to ParkHouston have received an invitation to the meeting.

    Those impacted by the parking plan that have provided their email address to ParkHouston have received an invitation to the meeting.

    If you would like to attend this public meeting, please email your request to

    Museum Park Community Parking Plan Update
    Parking Management will be adding parking restrictions (parking meters or time-limited parking regulations) on Museum Park streets primarily near the Boone Manor/Museo Plaza projects. If parking changes are proposed for your street, letters from ParkHouston will be going out sometime in June indicating the slated changes.

    If your street is impacted by the changes, you will be able to secure annual parking passes to use when friends or service providers are parking in front of your home.

    The proposed changes cover multiple blocks primarily in and around the Boone Manor/Museo Plaza projects. If you receive a letter, please carefully evaluate and discuss the changes with your neighbors as those changes are designed to make the quality of life of all residents better.

    Noise Update from At-Large 5 Council Member Sallie Alcorn
    CM Alcorn was unable to attend the MPNA June meeting but sent the following report: 

    Council Member Alcorn continues to meet with Administration and Regulatory Affairs department (ARA) Director Tina Paez and ARA staff as well as staff from the city's legal department to collaborate and narrow in on proposed changes to Chapter 30 of the city's code of ordinances related to noise and sound level regulation. Such revisions to Chapter 30 include changing the location of the sound measurement from the property line of the complainant to the property line of the person/business emitting the sound. As I have also mentioned before, we have been looking closely at how to strengthen the annual permit process. Things are not yet set in stone, but ARA and the legal department are working to come up with a proposed annual permit program/process to possibly be required for certain businesses/establishments that amplify sound outdoors. This includes those with speakers outside as well as those businesses whose indoor music and bass levels can be heard outside. After a certain number of verified complaints, they may be subject to an administrative hearing. As the hospitality industry has been hit hard this last year with COVID-19, I am working with the departments to make sure we get that definition/classification of those who shall be required to purchase a permit as narrowed in as possible to limit the negative impact on these businesses, especially the good-actors. 

    Now that all parties from the city (ARA, legal and our office) have agreed upon such proposed changes/direction, the next step is to schedule stakeholder meetings. In partnership with affected district council members, I have provided a list of potential stakeholders to be included in those meetings. These individuals represent super neighborhoods, community groups as well as industry, from small business bar and restaurant owners to the Greater Houston Restaurant Association. Staff and I are checking in nearly daily with the ARA and legal departments to keep this ball rolling and hope to see the first stakeholder meeting scheduled by the end of June. After a couple rounds of stakeholder meetings, the proposed changes will be solidified and brought before the Regulatory and Neighborhood Affairs (RNA) council committee before moving forward to the council agenda.

    HPD Report
    Commander Caroleta Johnson and Sgt. Chris Weiche attended the June 2 MPNA meeting to update the neighborhood regarding the Crime Statistics in the 10H70 Beat which includes Museum Park. Overall crime is down May 2021 vs. May 2020 by 29%.  Commander Johnson is working collaboratively with CM Evans-Shabazz, the Houston Southeast Management District and area businesses to address nuisance issues, including bar noise, traffic, parking, and drunken behavior.

    Livable Places Action Committee
    The City of Houston's Livable Places Action Committee continues meeting monthly.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 15, 3:00 p.m. You can find the link to the upcoming virtual meeting, read articles regarding topics the committee is addressing, and give input here.

    At the June meeting the committee will be addressing ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units). If you have questions or wish to make a comment, go to:

    Moonshot Composting
    Moonshot Composting has partnered with Covenant Church to provide a means of turning your food scraps into compost that will enhance the beautiful plantings at Covenant Church.  You can subscribe to Moonshot’s services here
    Mark Your Calendar
    June 11:  Asia Society Tiger Ball (No Neighborhood Street Closures)
    July:  No MPNA meeting.       
    October 5:  National Night Out
    December:  MPNA Members Holiday Dinner (Be sure to join/renew your membership) to receive an invitation to this popular event.

  • June 03, 2021 2:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Interactive Kiosks Approved by City Council

    On Wednesday, May 5, City Council approved (10-7) the installation of 75 interactive digital kiosks on City of Houston sidewalks over the next 3 years. The kiosks will display advertisements, direct people to restaurants, businesses, transit options, and other amenities. They will provide free Wi-Fi and 911 access, and will include air quality monitors and security cameras. The Houston Chronicle gives detailed information regarding the kiosks and the Council vote.

    Dr. Carolyn Evans-Shabazz, who voted in favor of the kiosk installations attended the May 5 meeting of MPNA to speak directly to residents, many of whom opposed the installation of the kiosks. CM Evans-Shabazz pledged that residents will not have kiosks located near their homes.

    Moonshot Composting

    Founders Chris Wood and Joe Villa spoke at the MPNA General Meeting Wednesday, May 5, regarding food waste and composting options through Moonshot Composting. Moonshot is currently in talks with Covenant Church to establish a composting drop-off site on the church property. Watch for details regarding a possible subscription service with drop-off at the Covenant site.

    Livable Places Action Committee-Buffering Ordinance Amendments

    The LPAC continues to move forward on amendments to current buffering ordinances.  The proposals under consideration will require more robust buffering for future mid-rise (65-75’ from grade to top of building) development, including distance separation standards, dumpster screening, garage screening, and outdoor lighting fixtures. An unofficial breakdown of the draft proposals (authored by Sandy Stevens) is available here.

    To make your voice heard on these important changes, go to

    Almeda Corridor Community Parking Program: Comments through May 28

    Parking Management will implement a Community Parking Program for the Almeda Corridor beginning June, 2021. Boundaries for the proposed CPP are Wentworth (N), Hwy 288 (E), Southmore (S), and Chenevert (W).

    • Included in the proposed CPP are 2-hour time limits, Monday-Sunday, 9 am-10 pm (permits available to exempt employees and residents with corridor addresses from time limit restrictions).
    • No parking on residential streets after 10:00 pm with permits available for resident vehicles registered to the address in the corridor with a limit of 3 visitor permits per household.

    Give your input regarding the proposed Parking Program here.

    Clayton Library reopening May 11, 10:00 a.m.

    • Open Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm for browsing the collection.
    • The initial browsing stage is primarily for customers who have an idea of what they need on the shelves.
    • Because of currently limited capacity (50%), seating is reserved for researchers.
    • For those that need direction or suggestions, the library's reference service will at first be "lite" consultations with staff who will guide customers to resources.
    • Library staff are doing in-depth phone consultations, or for deeper consultations in-person meetings by appointment.  Please call 832-393-2600 for an appointment.
    • This limited-opening phase will likely last a few months.  The next phase will probably include a return to pre-pandemic hours and capacity.
    • Meeting rooms are not currently available.

    The staff at Clayton is very happy to be operating again within the Museum Park Neighborhood and looks forward to helping our neighbors find their ancestors.

    Crime Report

    Officer Collin Rapp attended MPNA May 5 meeting to report that crime in the 10H70 beat including Museum Park is down from April of 2020. Details of neighborhood crime are located here.

    He also shared that South Central’s community team spearheaded by Commander Caroleta Johnson to address negative impacts from bars and restaurants across the district held its first meeting May 6.

    Bellville Turnverein

    If you are getting out of Houston to enjoy the bluebonnets before they are gone, take a drive through Bellville, Texas where you can spot a Turnverein, one of several scattered across the state. You may recall that Lynn Dahlberg did a fascinating presentation on Turnvereins at the March MPNA meeting including the one that sat on the corner of Almeda and Southmore where Walgreens is currently located. 

  • April 27, 2021 8:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Greentown Labs

    Juliana Garaizar, Launch Director for Greentown Labs, the climatetech startup incubator, discussed their plans for expanding to Houston's Innovation District and accelerating the clean energy transition, at MPNA's virtual general meeting on April 7. Their grand opening is scheduled for Earth Day, April 22, 2:00 pm. You can join Mayor Sylvester Turner, Rice University President David Leebron, and Greentown CEO Emily Reichert among others for this live-stream event by registering here. 

    Council Member Carolyn Evans-Shabazz

    CM Shabazz along with HPD South Central’s Commander Johnson and her officers, Precinct 7 Constables, and the Houston Southeast Management District Enhanced Public Safety Committee, are working collaboratively with Almeda businesses to address residents’ concerns regarding noise, traffic, and parking. If you have specific concerns, please email the Councilmember’s office,

    Council Member Sallie Alcorn

    CM Alcorn is working with city departments to strengthen current noise ordinance standards and their enforcement. Her goal is to improve the quality of life for residents impacted by noise
    primarily coming from restaurants and bars. If you have specific concerns, email the Councilmember's office,

    MPNA Green Team

    To kick off Spring, the live oak trees on Southmore Boulevard were pruned and deep fertilized by ArborTrue Tree Service which created a beautiful canopy on the two esplanades. The Green Team's next project will be tending to the esplanade endcap gardens which were damaged by the deep freeze. Put on your gloves and join the Green Team on Saturday April 24 from 8:30 am to 10:30 am to weed, prune, and plant the Crawford and Caroline endcap gardens.  

    HPD South Central

    MPNA’s April 7 meeting included crime statistics from Sgt. Weiche showing the 10h70 Beat’s crime statistics, which includes Museum Park, down 35% from the same period in 2020. The only increase was in aggravated assaults, up from 5 in 2020 to 8 this year.

    HPD’s South Central Command Station will host its next PIP Meeting, April 20, 7:00PM. You now have the option of participating online, or in person at 2202 St. Emanuel St. If you attend in person, please wear a mask, and wait to be greeted at the back door for temperature checks.

    Livable Places Action Committee

    The next meeting of the LPAC is slated for Tuesday, April 20, at 3:00 p.m.  The committee is currently focusing on development ordinance changes regarding buffering. The proposed changes including garage screening standards, lighting fixture standards, dumpster screening, and buffering space will be presented to the committee at that meeting. You can join the meeting here.

    Almeda Corridor Community Parking Program: Comments through May 28

    Parking Management will be implementing a Community Parking Program for the Almeda Corridor beginning June, 2021. Boundaries for the proposed CPP are Wentworth (N), Hwy 288 (E), Southmore (S), and Chenevert (W).

    • Included in the proposed CPP are 2-hour time limits, Monday-Sunday, 9 am-10 pm (permits available to exempt employees and residents with corridor addresses from time limit restrictions).
    • No parking on residential streets after 10:00 pm with permits available for resident vehicles registered to the address in the corridor with a limit of 3 visitor permits per household.
    Give your input regarding the proposed Parking Program here

    Miller Outdoor Theatre

    Miller performances start May 1, 2021. For details about upcoming performances, go here

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